The Whole Health Cure

The Whole Health Cure

Experience, embrace, and discover how our simple every day choices affect our biology, mood, energy, creativity, and well-being. Each week host Dr. Sharon Bergquist talks with renowned researchers, physicians, nutritionists and wellness experts exploring the science behind true health and living to your fullest physical, emotional, and spiritual potential.

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    "The Role of Nursing in Lifestyle Medicine" with Aaron Stuber, RN

    Aaron Stuber, RN, BSN, DipACLM is a registered nurse, Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, a graduate of the Wellcoaches online program for Health and Wellness Coaches and is currently finishing additional health coaching training through the Wellstart Health program. His academic and clinical interests include nutrition science, Lifestyle Medicine, behavior change science, cardiovascular disease and sports performance as well as the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome with evidence-based lifestyle interventions.

    In this episode Aaron shares his experience in the hospital system and how it inspired him to get training as a health coach and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner. He talks about some of the frustrations and the inconsistencies in messaging and medical advice he has observed, and how it molded his professional work and career interests. Aaron shares data about how nurses are perceived in hospital setting and makes the case for why nurses are ideally suited for implementing Lifestyle Medicine in acute and primary care settings, and why hospitals and clinics should be investing in Lifestyle Medicine education for their nurses.

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    "The Evolution of Plant-based Nutrition at Kaiser Permanente, Atlanta GA" with Karen Goodlett, MD

    Karen Goodlett MD is an internal medicine doctor, Assistant Physician Program Director of Quality Resource Management and Co-lead of 21-Day Plant Power Challenges sponsored by Kaiser’s Wellness Committee. In this interview she tells a story of how one person, and then a small group of people, made a big difference by bringing plant-based nutrition to Kaiser.

    This is how it unfolded:

    In June 2013 Dr. Michael Greger (who was on our show last week!) was invited to speak to physicians at Kaiser Permanente regarding “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death” (

    In August 2013 Kaiser organized their 1st 21-Day Plant Power Challenge! Dr. Goodlett is a participant in the challenge and converts to following a Low Fat Whole Food Plant-based Nutrition Lifestyle by the end of the Challenge.

    September 2014 Kaiser had their 2nd 21-Day Plant Power Challenge (PPC). This time Dr. Goodlett is was a Co-Leader of the Challenge.

    In January 2015 Dr. Goodlett, along with other PPC leaders, created a webinar which was presented to Kaiser’s National Healthy Lifestyle Group on how to sponsor a 21-Day Plant Power Challenge, which led to other Kaiser Regions around the nation sponsoring 21-Day Plant Power Challenges patterned after their model.

    In 2015 and 2016 Kaiser was a major sponsor of the Food as Medicine Conference held at the Emory Conference Center (now re-branded as the Remedy Food Project .

    In September 2016 one of Kaiser's Nurses and Dr. Goodlett sponsored a smaller departmental 21-Day Challenge at the Kaiser Headquarters which led to the development of their weekly Plant Power Lunch Support Group at the Kaiser Headquarters.

    In November 2016 The Kaiser PPC Leaders assisted The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine in sponsoring the event - Kickstart Your Health Atlanta (

    In January 2018 a Kaiser Nutritionist created a Whole Food Plant-based Nutrition Class for Kaiser’s Healthy Living Class offerings to our patients and the public.

    In September 2018 Kaiser has their 3rd Plant Power Challenge for which Dr. Goodlett was a Co-Lead yet again.

    In May 2019 Kaiser’s Weight Management Program began offering a Plant-based Nutrition Class.

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    "How Not to Diet?" with Michael Greger, MD

    Michael Greger, MD needs no introduction. Dr. Greger is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues. A founding member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Greger is licensed as a general practitioner specializing in clinical nutrition. He is a graduate of the Cornell University School of Agriculture and Tufts University School of Medicine. In 2017, Dr. Greger was honored with the ACLM Lifestyle Medicine Trailblazer Award and became a diplomat of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

    In this conversation we talk through some of Dr. Greger's previous work and discuss his new book "How Not to Diet" that will release in December 2019. Every month seems to bring a trendy new diet or weight loss fad—and yet obesity rates continue to rise, and with it a growing number of diseases and health problems. In "How Not to Diet" Dr. Greger suggests a different approach. He dives deep in the science and lays out the key ingredients of the ideal weight-loss — factors such as calorie density, the insulin index, and the impact of foods on our gut microbiome—showing how plant-based eating is crucial to our success. Dr. Greger talks about the latest discoveries in cutting-edge areas like chronobiology to reveal the factors that maximize our natural fat-burning capabilities.

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    "Addressing Burnout Through Movement" with Susi Hately

    Susi Hately (prounced HATE -LEE) helps entrepreneurs and executives who are skirting the edge of burnout. She helps them get back on their game and use their skills and talents most effectively. Building on her BSc. Kinesiology, and teaching yoga since 1999, she is the author of several best selling yoga therapy books and videos, and is founder of the Calm.Steady.Strong(tm) yoga program for cancer patients, survivors and their families which was studied at the University of Calgary from 2002-2009. Using yoga as the prime modality, Susi’s specialty is helping high achievers rechannel their energy so they aren't exhausted and depleted. She teaches them how to see their symptoms as their body's communication mechanism, and how to truly listen and act on what they are perceiving. The result - a calm, connected leader with sustainable productive energy.

    This is a conversation about burnout: how to recognize it in the body, how to address it through movement and posture, creating mental clarity, achieving optimal performance and contributing to long-term happiness.

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    "Making Work a Healthy and Joyful Experience" with Jennifer McKenna, Founder & CEO of JMac Consulting

    Jennifer McKenna is founder & CEO of JMac Consulting. She is passionate about building the strongest, healthiest cultures possible, Jennifer has devoted the past 17 years to helping leaders consciously develop their leadership skills, create a strong vision, face enormous challenges and harness their impact to make a positive change in their companies and communities.

    Jennifer talks about finding meaning and purpose in work and life, and how to do it in a balanced way. That includes making change fun and productive, setting boundaries and identifying clear priorities. Jennifer shares important tools and strategies for creating positive and fulfilling work environment that play to our strengths and create joy, instead of leading to burn out.

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    "Whole Health: A Comprehensive Approach to Veterans' Wellness" with Javier Valle, MD

    Dr. Javier Valle is an Assistant Professor in the Emory Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, a medical officer in the United States Navy Reserve, and a senior VA Quality Scholar Fellow--a 2-year healthcare quality improvement fellowship at the Atlanta VA Health Care System. Board certified in preventive medicine with a Master’s degree in Public Health in epidemiology, he practices lifestyle medicine at the Emory Lifestyle Medicine Clinic in Dunwoody and teaches lifestyle medicine to second and third-year medical students at the Emory School of Medicine. At the Atlanta VA Health Care System, he is the lead for implementation and evaluation activities of the Whole Health System. Whole Health is a national VA healthcare delivery system that is transforming the model of care from a disease-centered to a Veteran-centered approach to health.

    Dr. Valle talks about the new VA initiative - Whole Health. As VA shifts from a health-care system focused primarily on treating disease to one guided by a personalized health plan that considers the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental needs of Veterans, the Whole Health System acknowledges that health care involves more than the physical human body. The whole health model is a holistic look at the many areas of life that can affect someone's health — work environment, relationships, diet, sleep patterns, and more.

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    The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of Dr. Valle and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of either the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or Emory University.

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    "Lifestyle Habits and Brain Health" with Karima Benameur, MD

    Dr. Benameur graduated from the University of Oran in Algeria where she received her MD degree. She subsequently trained at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, then at the National Institutes of Health where she was awarded the excellence in research award. She moved to Atlanta to complete her residency and fellowship at Emory, and was selected as Chief resident of education. She was appointed to current position on the Emory faculty as Assistant Professor of Neurology in 2014, and has been part of the Neurohospitalist team ever since.
    Her daily work consists of taking care of hospitalized patients with neurological diseases, and educating residents and medical students. She sees first-hand the effects of poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle on brain health, as it presents in a myriad of neurological diseases, the most common of which is stroke. Her passion is teaching not only her patients and their families, but also other physicians and medical students about the importance that proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle changes can have on brain health.

    Dr. Benameur talks about the influence our lifestyle choices have on brain health. What is the effect of nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness practice and social connection on brain health? What is the effect of chronic inflammation and stress? Is memory loss a normal part of aging? And finally, what actions and choices can we make to maintain optimal brain heath and good memory long-term? Tune in to learn more!

    Dr. Benameur has a course on Coursera called Biohacking Your Brain's Health. You can find it here:

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    "Lifestyle Design for Long-term Health" with Dan Witkowski, MD, FACOG, FACLM

    Daniel Witkowski, MD, FACOG, FACLM is double board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Witkowski is a Certified Nutritionist and has been a Lifestyle Medicine Physician since 2011. He is the co-creator, with his wife Pamela, of Lifestyle Design MD™, a program where they educate individuals, families, and health practitioners on how to obtain optimal health and prevent and reverse chronic disease through nutrition, fitness, stress management, and lifestyle design. In this interview Dr. Dan shares his journey of finding lifestyle medicine and incorporating it into his practice. He also shares the bases for intentional lifestyle design that sets you up for health and long-term wellness.

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    "Nutrition and Optimal Performance" with Stephan Esser, MD

    Stephan Esser, MD is a physician, author and motivational speaker specializing in sports medicine and lifestyle modification. He is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their best health and maximize fitness, fun and function.

    This is a conversation about nutrition, its effect on muscles and joints, and optimal performance. Dr. Esser talks about mind-body connection, importance of sleep and recovery, and overall lifestyle. He discussed the orthopedics issues that he sees on daily basis, his comprehensive approach of treating the whole patient, and how plant-based diet plays into the process of healing.

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    "Finding Your Health Zone" with Douglas Amis, Ed.D.

    Douglas Amis, Ed.D. is a Co-Founder of Health Zone Life and creator of the Health Zone Life Model along with Dr. Pankaj Vij. Dr. Amis set out on this project with the objective of providing an open source model that medical professionals could freely use both as and educational tool and in their practice. The website’s goal is to provide platform for professionals who are leading the efforts to improve the health of individuals in the face of epidemic levels of diabetes and related diseases.

    Dr. Amis talks about health, aging and describes in detail his model which illustrates the lifespan and the impact of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and lifestyle on the arch of a lifetime. The intention for the model to illustrate that there is another way to live where the quality of life can be recovered and extended to near the end of life; that the last half of life can be as full and rewarding as the first, and finally that the body has natural ability to heal itself if only we would stop repeatedly injuring our self by our diet and lifestyle.

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